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Most frequent questions and answers

Each tenant receives this score as part of the Referencing process. It’s calculated from a number of factors, including credit information. The overall score is a good indication of their eligibility for tenancy.

Our references include a credit history check (which gives a general credit score, as well as identifying any adverse credit, such as CCJ’s), previous landlord reference and employment reference. The reference report will give your tenants either an “accept” or “fail” recommendation. If there are any issues with your tenant’s references, we will contact you to discuss this, and the options that are open to you. You will be provided with a copy of the reference report.

It is now a legal requirement for landlords to check that all adult occupants have the right to live in England (whether they are on the contract or not). If your property is not going to be managed by ourselves, you must complete the right to rent checks

Twelve months. If you have selected our fully managed service, we will automatically arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to test your appliances, and upon successful inspection, issue you with a new certificate.

No. We do not offer accompanied viewings. We believe that no one knows your property as well as you, and our experience tells us that when someone who is unfamiliar with a property conducts viewings they are less likely to secure a tenant. Also, by meeting your prospective tenants face to face, you can judge whether or not you are happy to let to them. For more information on do’s and don’ts when conducting a viewing.

The process is simple, and begins with you uploading your property details & photographs.
We then check your listing and once approved, it is uploaded on to our website and is sent out to all the property portals, different portals take a different amount of time to show the advert. We’ll send you a link to your property once it goes live.
Tenants see your advertisement and contact us to arrange a viewing.
We contact every enquiry and gather basic information such as who’s moving in, working status, do they claim benefits, pets, move date, etc and filter to your specified criteria. Providing that they are suitable, we forward their details to you by both eMail and SMS.
You meet the prospective tenant and show them the property.
If the tenant likes the property, simply ask them to contact us to make a formal offer to let. We will then put this offer to you. If you are happy to proceed, we will go ahead and perform comprehensive reference checks. Reference checks are paid for by the incoming tenant, you can also opt-out of reference checking for £50+vat if you do your own. A financial commitment by the incoming tenant significantly reduces the number of applicants who withdraw before signing a contract.
Our reference checks include a credit history check, bankruptcy and CCJ check, previous landlord reference and employer reference. We use one of the UK’s leading provider or referencing services to complete these checks. These are normally returned within 3-5 working days.
We will provide you with the results of the tenant’s reference check.
Provided you are happy to proceed, we will send you a bespoke contract.
You then make contact with the tenant to arrange signing of the contract, payment of deposit and rent, and details about their move in day.